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General rules
  • Please read carefully the rules to avoid any account's suspension.
  • Rules has been updated on 07 Feb 2017.

To simplify our rules for reading, we will list them as notes on each category, make sure to focus while reading to maintain your safety and enjoy a better gaming environment.

  • The player must keep his accounts for own use.
  • Selling/Buying accounts for real currency is prohibited and lead to a permanent account's suspension.
  • Selling or Buying Characters or accounts for in-game gold or IMPs is not allowed and might result by a punishment based on the case.
  • The accounts piloted by 2 or more players will not benefit from any support, basically losing access or items caused by sharing your account is down to your own negligence.
  • Only the account's owner have the right to ask for the ban reason if it happen, any unconcerned player arguing with GMs about their decision might get banned as well.
  • IMPs (points) are considired as "digital product" and not a real product, used in game to purchase variety of items to help the player in his journey.
  • Player must read carefully and follow "Instructions" on Donate Page before purchasing IMPs.
  • Points are added to the player's account, only after submitting an order and within the next 24H.
  • After receiving IMPs, any dispute will lead to account suspension (Ban).
  • Contact our staff through forums or Facebook Fan page for further questions
  • A Player can be refunded only if they purchase IMPs, didn't submit an order and decide to quit on their own.
  • Respect staff (GMs,Admins,W-sages or Moderators),Staff members are people and or players like you who spend time and energy to make this the best playing experience for you. They are volunteers and should be afforded at least the courtesy of respecting their effort and dedication.
  • Do not pretend to be a GM/Admin. Do not use account or in-game names that are similar to a Gm’s name, GMs are known by the symbol (GM) on top of their head.
  • GMs will not add you to friend list to ask you your account's name or password.
  • Do not waste GMs time. Refer to the FAQ, talk to fellow players first.
  • Do not argue with a GM, when they make a decision, it is final.
  • Do not beg GMs/Admins for items/gold/Mall points, we believe into making the game fair, without giving advantage to anyone.
  • Hacking/scamming other players will result by a punishment varies from muting to a permanent ban.
  • The use of any hacks, fake web pages, exploits or any other form of cheats is strictly prohibited.
  • If you encounter any bugs in game, please report them at Bugs report section. Exploitation of bugs will lead to a punishment decided by the GMs.
  • In case you get hacked/scammed report to us on Help section.
  • Trading items between players happens under their own responsibilities, GMs will not interfere on any situation like that, there is a confirmation button after making a trade, check the items twice before you confirm a trade.
  • Confusing players with items that has similar icons might lead to a temporary ban or permanent after several warnings.
  • English in World/Trade Channels only. This allows for everyone to understand your broadcasts. Recruiting can be posted in any language. Violators may be subject to warnings/mutes by the GM online.
  • Keep it friendly in WC. We are somewhat relaxed here when it comes to obscenities and profanity BUT any derogatory terms, offensive remarks and/or threats directed at any race/gender/religion/ethnicity/age/sexual orientation etc. will not be tolerated and may result in mutes and/or bans depending on the severity of the violation. Being part of a particular race/gender/religion/ethnicity/age/sexual orientation etc. does not make you exempt from this rule.
  • Do not advertise for other private servers, websites, products or services.
  • Do not spam players in any way. This also includes any form of harassment. Harassment will be taken seriously and you could be subject to ban for harassment.
  • In case a player violate the chat rules, GMs will interfere and decide the punishment depend on the severity of the violation.
  • The use of racist/sexist/ageist or any other offensive/derogatory term in ANY language as an In-Game name, Guild name is not permitted. Consequences will be determined by the GM online.

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