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October 23, 2018
Wisdom pirates online
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Oct 23,2018
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Wisdom pirates online is a free to play game with unique features,new PvP/PvE maps,new quests,bosses and much more.
WPO Have an active and friendly community on the most popular social networks.
WPO's rate are considered high, you can achieve a high level in no time.
Exp. x Solox25
Exp. x Partyx20
Exp. Fairyx400
Max Lv.100
Vote for credits
Easy way to obtain credits,to buy useful items from Award Center or Bid on the Auction center,you get 30 credits by voting for Wisdom pirates online on each ranking website.

Online for credits
Another easy method to get valuable credits points, leave your character online and get 3 x Credits pts for each hour.

Unique WPO-Skin

WPO golden is skin, exclusive designed for wisdom pirates online, optimized interface and good looking colors

Unique items
Unique Apparels
  1. More than 100 Unique apparels obtainable in mall-center plus the common in-game apparels, check out how they look like by visiting tailors at Argent's East (2295,2751).

  2. Unique apparels ensure the corporeal kylin effects but with the use of a kylin stone.
  3. Unique apparels also grants a bonus stats:
    • +10% HP/Base HP
    • +10%SP/Base SP
    • +5% Attack (Min & Max)
    • +20SPR
Wisdom Gems
Wisdom gems called also ring gems, can be forged in rings to get the bonus stats.
Gem of Swiftness Gem of Evasion Gem of Precision Gem of Wisdom
Increase movement speed by +10Increase dodge by +5Increase hit-rate by +5Increase attack speed by +5
Forbidden Bay (PvE)
  • Description: Amazing team work instance of 4 stages, each stage is a different challenge, the map contain also two strong bosses & more things to discover.
  • Type: PvE.
  • Requirement : Character must be Lv120.
  • Time: Daily (Each 4 Hours).
  • Reward: Corporeal kylin, rear pets & more...check rewards list at(763,1471) Thundoria Castle
  • More info: The Forbidden Bay Instance
  • Video: The forbidden bay Trailer.
Lone Tower (PvE)
  • Description: Composed of 6 floors, every one contain a certain number of mobs to kill, within a limited time, the instance's boss is standing at the sixth (6th) floor.
  • Type: PvE.
  • Requirement : 5 Players, No level requirement.
  • Time: Available at any time.
  • Reward: Fusable unseal85 weapons, kylin upgrade stones & more...check rewards list at (78,88) Wisdom city.
  • More info: Lone Tower Instance
Fall Island (PvE)
Kings Battleground (PvP)
  • Description: Kings battleground is another PvP map, almost similar to chaos argent, but with different areas mobs
  • Type: PvP.
  • Requirement: LV20 or higher.
  • Time: Daily, each 4 Hours.
  • Reward: 5 Great Gem Vouchers, 25M Notes, King of the Ring Emblem,Advanced, great & azrael gems from chests & more
  • More info: Kings battleground Guide
Chaos Argent (PvP)
  • Description: The most known PK map, Chaos argent is a map where states are messed-up, with it unique system it is the favourite PvP Maze.
  • Type: PvP.
  • Requirement: LV20 or higher, honor medal & 20 honor points at least.
  • Time: Daily, each 4 Hours.
  • Reward: 5 BD gems vouchers, 25M Notes, Advanced, great & azrael gems from chests & more.
  • More info: Chaos Argent Guide
Death Circle (PvP)
  • Description: Death Circle is a place where you farm wisdom gems (ring gems), PVP and have PVM at the same time.
  • Type: PvP.
  • Requirement: LV20 or higher.
  • Time: Daily, each 4 Hours.
  • Reward: 5 Ring gems vouchers, 50M Notes, Death Circle King Emblem, wisdom gems
  • More info: Death Circle Guide
Demonic World (PvP/PvE)
  • Description: Demonic World is an amazing labyrinth map combine both PvP & PvE, it's a map where players can farm, hunt bosses but also enjoy PK'ing each others.
  • Type: PvP/PvE.
  • Requirement: LV50 or higher.
  • Time: Daily, each 4 Hours.
  • Reward: 1000 reputation, Azrael Gems, Lv70 MS HP necklace, Blood samples & more
  • More info: Demonic World Guide
Dark Swamp (PvP/PvE)
  • Description: Dark swamp is designed for lv55 players, contain 3 floors & 2 bosses to hunt .
  • Type: PvP/PvE.
  • Requirement: LV55.
  • Time: Daily, each 4 Hours.
  • Reward: Great gems vouchers, kals runstones, azrael & bd gems & more
  • More info: Dark Swamp Guide
Forsaken City (PvP/PvE)
  • Description: Forsaken City is another lv55 map of three floors contain about 11 chests and few mini-bosses.
  • Type: PvP/PvE.
  • Requirement: LV50 or higher.
  • Time: Daily, each 4 Hours.
  • Reward: Great gems vouchers, Kals runstones & more
  • More info: Forsaken City Guide
Rebirth II

Rebirth 2 (Release the hidden power) the story:

Deep inside the Ascaron mountains, the rebirth angel felt a mysterious power coming from very far away, a pure power surrounding the warriors coming from their bravery, wisdom, love and loyalty to their lands, the true essence of this new power remain inside their heart, unreleased for thousands of years...
The rebirth angel finally found the right path to release this hidden power, but unfortunately various obstacles prevent it, the angel's goodness will not be enough to face the evil to liberate the power, she is totally in need of fighters assistance. Their journey is long, and contain hard quests to complete...
The rebirth angel seeks five seals of noblesse :
  1. Seal of Speed.
  2. Seal of Diligence.
  3. Seal of power.
  4. Seal of Sailing.
  5. Seal of Courage.

The gain:

Release your hidden power to strength your self and gain an additional 3 physical resistance (pr) and more bonus states.
In addition you improve your appearance with a double good looking wings surrounded with aura.

Quest guide:

Second Rebirth guide

The hexalthon is one of the most common & classic TOP quests, it is known by it simplified 6 tasks.
It is a good start for a new comer or newbie, complete the 6 tasks and get some random gem chests to build up or make some cash

Read how to complete the hexalthon quest: The hexalthon guide
Storage Pot

One of the multiple in-game money making methods, storage pot is one of the favourite ways due to it simplicity.
By visitng Elder of fortune at (Argent City 2194,2720) pick up the quest based on your level and equipment and start farming.

check out more money making methods on guides index.
Drop system

New coupons available in game via drop in fortune island, collect enough to exchange them for amazing items with Zoox the exchanger at Argent city (2215,2771), easy way to obtain rare items such as (Rebirth Stone 2...).
visit Zoox to check the full list of obtainable items, read more.

  • Spawn time: 5AM or 5PM server time each week
  • Spawn area: Abbadon 10
  • Drop: Black dragon gems,gem of soul,power of flame,power of thunder,Libras Stone Fragment.
  • Related quests: Last task of rebirth 2 quest.
  • Spawn time: 12 AM/PM Server Time By Monday & Thursday
  • Spawn area: Devil's Den (portal open in shaitan city near teleporter)
  • Drop: Rings Gem Voucher,BD Gem Voucher,Libras Stone Fragment,SPR Gem Voucher,Lv 80 MS HP.
  • Related quests: Unknown.
Ultimate Lizard
  • Spawn time: Each 12H
  • Spawn area: Wisdom Isle
  • Drop: Lv95 Part Crusader Chest, Lv95 Part Champ Chest, Lv95 Part Voy Chest, Lv95 Part Cleric Chest, Lv95 Part SM Chest, Lv95 Part SS Chest.
  • Related quests: Unknown
Treasure's Protector
  • Spawn time: Any time the Lone tower instance is activated.
  • Spawn area: Lone Tower Instance.
  • Drop: Instance reward
  • Related quests: Lone Tower.
  • Spawn time: Any time the forbidden bay instance is opened.
  • Spawn area: The forbidden bay instance.
  • Drop: Advanced Rear Ration x10.
  • Related quests: Forbidden bay.
  • Spawn time: Any time the forbidden bay instance is opened.
  • Spawn area: The forbidden bay instance.
  • Drop: Advanced Rear Ration x10
  • Related quests: Forbidden bay.
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