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October 23, 2018
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Why I'm getting [Item ID in inventory is invalid, Game going to exit!] error message?

A. Your game's client is missing some files due to:

  • You didn't use 'Auto-patcher' after a server restart.
  • You are not using WPO client.
Solution: Make sure to download WPO client and install it.
Launch WPO Auto-patcher.exe to get the latest updated files.
In some cases remove 'server.dat' file from your game's folder before running the auto-patcher.

Q. Why the map is blue?

A. referred to the previous question, your game's client is missing some files.
Solution: Make sure to download WPO client and install it.
Launch WPO Auto-patcher.exe to get the latest updated files.
In some cases remove 'server.dat' file from your game's folder before running the auto-patcher.

Q. I'm getting [Account Server Has Encountered a Malfunction] when i'm trying to login, what do i do?

A. There are two reasons causing this bug :

  1. Someone already logged in your account.
  2. Solution: Tell him to logout.
  3. Your account is stuck on server and considered as online.
  4. Solution: Wait for a server restart, they happen once a week usually.

Q.My ping is high, how to decrease it?

A.Try out the following tips:

  • Make sure your windows system/defender/firewall & anti-virus is up to date
  • Perform a quick Router/CP restart.
  • Log out from the game and try a different channel.

Q.How can I contact one GM?

A.If you need to talk with a GM about something that a sage neither someone else could help with it, the faster way is to make a topic on Forums, you can also contact GMs via PM system for private subjects.

Q.Why when I am inside a map farming, It kick me out??

A.That is due to AntiBoat system to prevent bots, every 15 mins a message in red letters will show-up to prove if you’re a Human, type /verify 1234 as example in the local Channel, system will show: "Antiboat succefully verified", and you can keep farming in peace, if you dont reply in time, you will be kick out to argent city.

Q.Is there any GM Online?

A.If you have a question ask a W-Sage first, you can get their names from the home page, or post your question/report in the appropriate section of our forums, if there is something private you want to contact a GM about it, use forums private messages.

Q.How can i become a W-sage?

A.You can apply for being a game sage by filling out this form W-sage application.

Q.How to become a forum moderator?

A.We choose forum's moderator based on how active is the member, how helpful to the community.
Only administrators decide when to recruit a new moderator depend on the need, that means there is no specific application related to this.

Q.Can i become a WPO GM/Admin?

A.Currently WPO team is not recruiting new staff, if so an announcement will appear on our website/forums & Facebook page.

Q.I have encountered a bug, what should i do?

A.Check Technical FAQ list above, if you didn't find a solution, please report to us on forums at [bugs report] section.

Q.Someone hacked/scammed me, how can i get help?

A.Report as soon as possible, by submitting a report.
reporting is accessible also from the support menu on the header.

Q.I'm a newbie and I'm lacking information about the game?

A.Visit our Overview page, for a quick preview, you can visit our Guides index for helpful,useful & detailed guides.

Q.How to get reputation points on this server?

A.You can get reputation by leveling up disciples, but also you can get 1k reputation per each mob you kill inside Demonic world map.

Q.What can I do with Kals runstones?

A.You can exchange them for Advanced, Great or Azzreal´s Vouchers from Kals for Vouchers Npc in Shaitan City (903, 3514), or just sell them.

Q.If I un-fuse or upgrade gears, Will the forged gems on it be lost?

A.You will not lose the gems forged into your equipments while un-fusing or upgrading them, after doing any un-fusion/upgrade operation move the equipment to another bag slot if you are not able to see the gems into it.

Q.Where can I farm silver coupons?

A.In Isle of Fortune, can be accessed from argent island Teleport, all mops there drop silver coupon.
NOTE: Voy’s Conch doesn’t work there.

Q.How to make a donation?

A.It is simple, visit donation page, read the instructions & make your donation.

Q.How long does it takes to receive my mall points?

A.Depend on the chosen method the waiting period varies from instant to a 24H counted right after completing your donation process.

Q.I used Paypal to donate, Should I submit an order?

A.Paypal donation method has an auto points delivery system, you get you mall points instantly after donting with Paypal, however only submit an order if you did not receive your points after 24H.

Q.I used Western Union method to donate, what is the next step?

A.Save the information and use them to fill the order form.

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