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October 23, 2018
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01:50:41 AM
Oct 23,2018
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ApologyBy : , May 25, 2018

Hello pirates.

We would like to apologize for the downtime that has been happening a lot recently because of an ingame bug. Thanks to all for your patience.
We will be doing 2 events such as drop event & farm event on 2 timezones (2pm & 2am server time) to compensate the down times which will be held on Sunday, May 27th
To the people who did share event the participants will be receiving their rewards on Monday, May 28.

While the server was down we were working on some updates so here is the list so far:

~Added upgraded kylin in game

-Upgrade stone for kylin boots & kylin gloves will be on Zoox Exchanger
-Upgrade stone for kylin armor will be on Blue crystals exchanger

~Added upgraded rings in game

-10x blood samples to upgrade 85 ring
Ways to obtain blood sample:
Killing mini bosses such as Icy dragon, Evil tribal chieftian, Lizardman warrior commander, Pirate captain 008, Fox sage
-Unseal 85 rings will be for 10 kals each

~Hexa will be ingame 

-Fury Kara (Light aurora 2 boss) & Morpheus Abyss Demon (Dark aurora 2 boss) will be nerfed
-Morph rune drop rate will be increased 

*New client is already uploaded on website please download it!

-If you have any questions reach us out in https://discord.gg/maYYrzx

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