01:08:48 AM
October 23, 2018
Wisdom pirates online
01:08:48 AM
Oct 23,2018
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New AdventureBy : , Aug 20, 2018
Howdy pirates

Server is now officially online,register your accounts gear up and get ready for a unique pk experience.
Here is the list of the changes we made so far:

Dw mobs will be giving 1m each kill instead of 800k

Dw1 chests will be giving advanced gem vouchers and kals,as for dw2 great gem vouchers & kals,dw3 azrael vouchers & kals.

Max level will be 100 for now.

Gems capped at level 6.

Storage pot mobs will be giving 750k coin instead of 500k.

Hexa gives 3 random chests now the quest can be done twice a day every 12 hours.

BH is now available(bh is mini ca for ds players) it has a chest that drops Mini rings aswell.

Please download our client,incase you have the old one just run auto-patcher and enjoy your gaming in wpo

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