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October 23, 2018
Wisdom pirates online
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Oct 23,2018
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Wisdom Pirates official openingBy : , May 14, 2018
We Are pleased to finally announce the official opening of wisdom pirates online.
I Thank you all for your contribution and suggestions, some were implemented right away, while other are kept for future updates.
Please do not stop posting your ideas whenever you have something to say about the game.

Official, What is new?

Here is a list of content:
-Death Circle Emblems & King of the Ring Emblems will no longer be for refining voucher, but can be exchanged for Azrael or Great Vouchers
-refining gem added to blacksmith helper (4m each)
-Mini bosses such as Icy dragon,Panda Captain 008,fox sage,chief leader and Lizardman Warrior Commander will drop 100m note (respwan every 6 hours)
-Rebirth frags will be in FC & DS & DW bosses b1/b2
Money ways:
-Storage pot quest. check it out at (Argent City 2194,2720)
-DW mobs
Ultimate lizard now drops 95 hats only
Added a new way to get corp kylin in game:
-200 morph runestone + 30b for Corp Kylin Chest or Corp BD Chest (Will be available from the start)
Bosses that drop morph=Black Dragon, Aurora bosses (Dark Aurora & Light Aurora 1-2), Barborosa, Demonic World Bosses (b1, b2), Ultimate Lizard (Wisdom Isle)
-Mazes Removed ForbiddenBay - gambling Jungle - Bounty Pk - Devil's Den - Ci (new mazes will be added in the next updates)
-Dark aurora & light auorora will be pk zone
Corp Npc exchanger added.
-removed newbie helper npc, newbie set wont be available in game from the beginning since everyone have an equal chance to start.
-Removed sharpening stones from Zoox exchanger npc.
-removed Alpha & Omega stones + exp packs from emblem exchanger at Dream island.
-Removed upgraded rings/kylin
-Coupons Exchanger - Zoox (Argent city) new items:
-Prawn dumpling x20 for x50 silver coupon
-Fried Oyster Soup x20 for x40 silver coupon
-Blue Crystals Exchanger (Wisdom city) new items:
-Weightless potion x5 for 60 blue crystals
-Unseal 95 chest (random 95 parts/weps) for 1000 blue crystals
Nerfed crus dodge
Disabled feng's defense ability to forge into boots
Disabled Great gem of colo ability to forge into shields.
removed cloak gem vouchers/libra's fragement & experience pack from bosses drop
Other Server settings:
-Drop rate lowered from 10x to 2x
-removed Cloak fragments from maps reward, and it npc as well.
-Decreased the amount of money received from being online from 250k to 100k.
-Removed reputation for gems temporary.
-Fixed some minor bugs.
Award Center:
-updated award center items.
-more items will be added later
Disabled temporary.

Remember to use WPOlauncher before opening the game to get the latest updated files.

More News inc Soon. Stay Tuned!
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