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October 23, 2018
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Oct 23,2018
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Mall And Updates!By : , Aug 29, 2018
Hello Pirates.
Item mall is now open!
Please read the following instructions to make you sure you receive your points:
1 - Donate using one of the currently available methods (Paypal, Western Union).
3 - Wait for staff to verify & add points to your accounts (doesn't take more than 24H after submitting the order, usually within next few hours)
4 - Spend your mall points on W-Mall center to get the items you want.
*-If you malled before please give us information regarding your transaction ID.as for non-mallers send us your in-game name on either our facebook page or discord we will be able to process your request and give you your compensations!
-added 500k coin mobs back to Storage pot
-Online gold per minute gives 200k now instead of 100k
-Fallen island will be opening every 12 hours now
-Raised lone tower rewards from 100 bluecrystals to 200
-Unseals 95 weapons added to award center.
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