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Gems and equip for sharpshooter

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Weapon gems:
-Azrael's Aggregation
-Great gem of striking
-BD eye (edited here to +200 max

Armor gems:
-Undead azrael
-Great gem of colossus
-BD soul

Glove gems:
Azrael's aggregation
-Great gem of striking
-Gem of striking

Boot gems:
-Azrael's dance
-Great gem of wind
-Gem of wind

Ring gems:
-Gem of swiftness
-Gem of wisdom
-Gem of precision

Hat gems:
-Chiatan's aura
-Feng defense
-Yellow jade

Best weapons so far?
75 death acc gun and/or 75 death acc bow  until you can get 85 fusable gun (Ice covered-evil spear) which is 3,000 credits.
until you can get 85 fusable bow (Ice-covered enchanted bow) which is 3,000 credits.
For me I would get both since they are good in every situation of PK.

Best set so far?
Kylin set is always the best on a SS since you can get the stun effect from it. If you can upgrade it to upgraded kylin it is way better.

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