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  1. Saad


    Hello everyone We will be having lv1-5 soul of bd kit on auction next week,farm money and save up for it. Stay tuned~
  2. Saad

    Video Contest

    1st place:Limit Please pm [GM]Salad to receieve your reward
  3. Saad

    Guides Event

    1st place:Raven 2nd place:Strange 3rd place:Rain Please pm [GM]Salad to receive your reward ^^
  4. Saad

    2 June updates

    Hello pirates Today's update are here! ~Storage pot will be increased from 300k to 500k each mob ~DW mobs will be be increased from 600k to 800k each mob ~DS mobs will be increased from 250k to 350k each mob ~FC mobs will be increased from 150k to 250k each mob ~Morpheus abyss demon Colossus slash that does 50k slash has been removed! ~Kal method from wood has been decreased from 250 woods to 200 woods ~Spr vouchers has been added to award center ~Ring voucher will now be on DW chests (low drops) ~Online rewards will now be active forever! The way it works is easy you just have to keep your character(s) on for 2 hours,The character(s) must be level 90+ to get rewards. You will get 1m note and 5 golden leafs every 2 hours + a random reward (kals-silver coupons bundle- random gem chest) Kind regards, WPO DEV TEAM
  5. Saad


    Here are all the stats of every ring/set in mall also the looks of every august pet enjoy ^^ August pet #2 August pet #3 August pet #4 August pet #1
  6. Saad


  7. Saad

    Champ Balance

    Good point,working on it.
  8. Saad

    27th may events

    We will be doing 2 events such as drop event & farm event on 2 timezones (2pm & 2am server time) to compensate the down times which will be held on Sunday, May 27th
  9. Saad


    *Ahoy, Me Hearties! We will be doing 2 events such as drop event & farm event on 2 timezones (2pm & 2am server time) to compensate the down times which will be held on Sunday, May 27th the content of today updates is listed below: -kals price is dropped to 250 woods from 300. -added 1 million notes to arctic spirit (Light aurora 1 monsters) -added 95 weapon cards to Evil Icy Dragon (Dark aurora 2 monsters) -dark and light aurora are pk zone now -All ca mobs now drop silver coupon bundles except for bds! -silver coupons drop rate is increased in fortune isle -Crown of Decedent added to rings exchanger in argent 2191,2758 for 10 kals To the people who did share event the participants will be receiving their rewards on Monday, May 28 While the server was down we were working on some updates so here is the list so far: Added upgraded kylin in game -Upgrade stone for kylin boots & kylin gloves will be on Zoox Exchanger -Upgrade stone for kylin armor will be on Blue crystals exchanger Added upgraded rings in game -10x blood samples to upgrade 85 ring Ways to obtain blood sample: Killing mini bosses such as Icy dragon, Evil tribal chieftian, Lizardman warrior commander, Pirate captain 008, Fox sage -Unseal 85 rings will be for 10 kals each Hexa will be ingame -Fury Kara (Light aurora 2 boss) & Morpheus Abyss Demon (Dark aurora 2 boss) will be nerfed -Morph rune drop rate will be increased -Forum will be available soon New client is already uploaded on website please download it! We are pleased to announce that mall has been added to the game. visit our website for more informations. As for today's Patch: King battle ground (KBG) map will be replaced with Chaos icicle (CI) map with kylin mobs instead of the CI default BD mobs. Morph runestone drop rate will be increased to 100% on Fury kara and Morpheus abyss demon. Video event - A contest of video making skills will be hosted on this month giving chances to players to get free mall points, players are invited to make a unique video about WPO with basic knowledge such as PK in maps, farming etc. Also please provide the following details on the video with links: -Official website -Facebook page -Facebook group -Forum -Discord 1st winner - 30 IMPS 2nd winner - 20 IMPS 3rd winner - 10 imps All players who attemptes to join the event will be given 5 IMPS! Our forum is up now! Come check it out! http://wisdom-pirates.com/forum/ Any questions or concerns or any suggestions please leave a DM on either facebook or discord or forums! Kind regards, WPO DEV TEAM