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    Hello pirates Today's update are here! ~Storage pot will be increased from 300k to 500k each mob ~DW mobs will be be increased from 600k to 800k each mob ~DS mobs will be increased from 250k to 350k each mob ~FC mobs will be increased from 150k to 250k each mob ~Morpheus abyss demon Colossus slash that does 50k slash has been removed! ~Kal method from wood has been decreased from 250 woods to 200 woods ~Spr vouchers has been added to award center ~Ring voucher will now be on DW chests (low drops) ~Online rewards will now be active forever! The way it works is easy you just have to keep your character(s) on for 2 hours,The character(s) must be level 90+ to get rewards. You will get 1m note and 5 golden leafs every 2 hours + a random reward (kals-silver coupons bundle- random gem chest) Kind regards, WPO DEV TEAM