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  3. ~DEMONIC WORLD~1 MAP INFO Dw all Portal closing time 45min ~Demonic World Monster~ "Monster Drop" Ja runestone , Kal fragment ~~1m per kill~~ ~~Demonic Boss I~~ Drop list: azrael glare,aggregation,dance,light,undead, lv 70 neck" Morp runestone" & "Rb 1 fragment" Demonic Chest I Drop List: Kal runestone,advance voucher,beautiful chest Demonic World II ~Snowman Warlord~ Drop list: azrael glare,aggregation,dance,light,undead, lv 80 neck" Morp runestone" & "Rb 2 fragment" ~DW II monster~ Drop list: Refining Gem,Ter runestone~~1m per kill~~ Drop list: Refining Gem ,Fa runestone ~~1m per kill~~ ~Dw chest II~ Drop list : Great voucher,Kal runestone ,beautiful chest Demonic World III Demonic world chest III Drop list : Azael voucher,Kal runestone ,beautiful chest
  4. ~Xmas Village Map~ BOSS "Soul of Goddes" center location Drop list "Suggestion" Upgrade Kylin Part x2 100m Hundred Note x2 Morp Runestone Chance Drop 95 Weapon Fusable Monster around the Xmas Village PhyllisAmiLanceCarsise /::/Wearing xmas set "Monster" DROP List: Menu items Flash bomb Lv1 x1 Carrion ball Lv1 x1 Radiation Lv1 x1 Earthquake Generator Lv1 Soul Detector Lv1 Mining farm for "UG GEMS" "Ref Gem" ~Two kind of mining monster~ ~Crystal Gem"UG'~ Drop Rate 5% Drop Random Gem of Colossus Gem of Striking Gem of Rage Gem of soul Gem of wind ~//~Refining Stone~//~ Drop Rate 5% DROP Refining Gem Increase Drop Rate '~MAY DAY CARD~'
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  6. kantana

    Newbie Guides?

    Any newbie guides or tips to get armor to gem? Iam new so iam kinda lost lol. A FC guide would be awsome too.. IS their an rep system? I finally found ways to get kals but I just have no clue how to get better armor to start gemming...
  7. Rica

    Champ Balance

    Thats not a balance, actually its a nerf, What u do to kill a high hp monster as bd, goddess etc? u got with party, magic class. Then why dont u make a teamwork to kill tanks? Actually this is a super nerf, also champs got negative aspd rate on shields. Why u dont nerf ss and crus max and aspd? Right now there isnt a single champ because of this, seems to be a crus/ss nased server, not balanced, their max and aspd crazy as fack but u dont see complain about that lol.
  8. raven

    Zodiac signs

    Zodiac signs How to obtain this zodiac sign? Required items: 15 billion gold, 10x morph runestone Exchanger NPC location : Wisdom city (156,127) Once you redeem it just put the sign on 1st row 5th slot How do I upgrade the zodiac sign? You would need to buy it on the item mall which is on the website for about 5 imps. After you buy it you should be able see it on your temp bag just drag it over to inventory and just double click it. It can either fail or success just depends on your luck. For me I only bought 2 and failed only once to level 2 Level 1 - 2 stats to all stats except con. Con being +1. (increases by 2 each lvl) Level 2 - 4 stats to all stats, con +2 (30% chance success) Level 3 - 6 stats to all stats, con +3 (20% chance success) Level 4 - 8 stats to all stats, con +4 (15% chance success) Level 5 - 10 stats to all stats, con +5 (10% chance success) At level 5 get bonus of +300 max & 15% damage to spiritual bolt/conch ray (50% chance) Aquarius Aries Cancer Capricorn Gemini Leo Libra Pisces Sagitarrius Scorpio Taurus Virgo Pictures are credited by @[GM]Salad
  9. raven

    Fast combiner bug

    Fast combiner NPC only takes gems level 1, but sometimes it does take level 4 if you have a lvl 4 gem. Just make sure to put ALL level 4 gems in banker before you use the NPC.
  10. charliebob

    Fast combiner bug

    Had a bug where having a Lv4 Refining gem along with 8 x Lv1 Refining gems in your inventory to create a second Lv4 Refining gem causes the combiner to create a Lv1 gem instead. Tried again to double check that it wasn't a bug but it happened again.
  11. Saad


    Hello everyone We will be having lv1-5 soul of bd kit on auction next week,farm money and save up for it. Stay tuned~
  12. raven

    How to start?

    How to start Welcome to the world of Wisdom Pirates! To begin head to the website http://wisdom-pirates.com/ Go to the top right corner and see "register" click that Create your account by filling the boxes and follow the notice that is on the bottom. Be sure to fill out the captcha correctly! Now you have created your created you want to login so go back to the main page and click "login" on top right corner You should be able to log now and you will want to go to W-Shop till you see the drop down menu and go to "award center" and then it should give you another drop down menu and click "Vote for credits" It will now redirect you to another page to vote. I suggest voting on all 3. When you are done voting you going to go back into award center drop down menu to "award center" then to "credits shop" and you should go down till you see category "Equipments" and buy the death chest of the class you will play. Next you will need to buy the weapon of the class you will play so go into the category "Weapons" Be sure to buy only the death weapons that cost only 10 credits. The other weapon you won't have enough yet. After you bought the chest and the weapon you going to want to go into W-Shop and the drop down menu will show you "Storage box" go there and click the items 1 by 1 and assign it to your character. *You need to make character first in order for the item to go into your temporary bag* Next you will need to download the game and get the current updated files. If you haven't already I made a guide on how to download if you do not know how. Just follow the instructions and you will be able to login. Make your character and set it to argent. When you are done creating your character you will see items (leveling map 1, level card to 10, 1 million note) Be sure to use level card and million note. After you done that go to leveling map and try to ask someone in world chat if they can level you to 100. You can ask me I will level you just make sure to message me on Discord or in-game as Raven~ and I'll be gladly to help you. ^^ After you reached 100 you will need to relog to get back to argent and head to fountain you will see a NPC called Class changer (2217, 2782) go there and click the class you want. After you finished your 2nd job class advancement you going want to redeem the items from storage box which goes to your temp bag (Alt+D) if you haven't done so already. In my case I bought Abaddon (SS) chest and weapon. If you head to argent teleporter and go up a little there's a NPC called 85 rings exchanger (2191, 2759) You need x10 kals to redeem the ring of your class. Now the question is where do I get this kal runestone? There's a npc called Kals exchanger it's located below shaitan blacksmith and you would need certain items for kals. There's 5 ways to get kals. I'll list them from easiest to hardest. 1st way is to cut wood from pine tree which is located outside of argent below Abandon mine (1842, 2965) [200 wood for 1 kal] 2nd way is to leave characters AFK in argent city. Every 2 hours the system will do a random giveaway, but you need to stay in argent (Chance to give kal and other items) Possible items from random give away: You will ALWAYS get 1x million note & 5 golden leafs The random rewards are kal runestone, silver coupon bundle, random gem chest 3rd way is to kill chests at each level of Forsaken city 1-3, Dark swamp 1-3 and Demonic World 1-3. (Will provide link to these guides as soon as its made) 4rd way is to kill mobs at demonic world 1. Each mob gives kal fragment and 800k gold. Farming kal frag and money at once! [50 kal fragment for 1 kal] The mobs at demonic world 2 gives 800k and refining gem! 5th way is to kill mobs called Hell Mummy A & Hell Mummy B at abbadon 2. They drop mask of mummy king which is about 10% drop (2x server rate) (3x with hi amp of luck) (2x with poss) so total is about.. 120 so 100% drop [50 mask of mummy king for 1 kal] After you got your Death set and your rings you would want to join a guild called Newbies Home. Why should I join? It's made by GMs to help new comers/mallers get stronger and you will be protected by GMs so none of the strong players from the strong guilds can kill you. After they get strong enough I believe GMs will kick you so you can join the stronger guilds and join the heavy PK. GMs will be checking your character before accepting you to prevent abuse of alts! Make your way to argent bar talk to Pirate Informer - Gewas and then apply to Newbies Home. When you get accepted to Newbies Home, you can start going to mazes. There is about 6 main mazes (I won't be too detailed since I will be making guides soon for these) Forsaken city (Azrael gems with other vouchers) Dark swamp (Azrael gems with other vouchers) Demonic world (Azrael gems with other vouchers) Death circle (Ring gems) Chaos argent (BD gems) Chaos icicle (Great gems) For chaos icicle and chaos argent the chests here spawn as Novice/Standard/Expert which drops certain gems. Novice chests spawns around 2 minutes -> Advance gems (Feng's defense, Locks hit, Bings dodge, shark strengthening) Standard chests spawn around 7 minutes -> Great gems (Great rage, Great strike, Great colossus, Great wind, Great soul) Expert chests spawns around 12 minutes -> Azrael gems (Azrael glare, Azrael aggregation, Undead azrael, Azrael light, Azrael's dance) For death circle the chests are called Death circle chest which have 3 cycles that drop ring gems. Death circle chests spawns around 0 minutes (As soon as map is activated), 7 minutes and 17 minutes. Ring gems -> Gem of swiftness, gem of evasion, gem of precision, gem of wisdom Now you will ask what is this ring gem am I talking about? This is a new feature from WPO which is forged on your ring(s) Below has the stats of these new ring gems.
  13. raven

    How to download?

    How to download *Be sure to pay attention to the red boxes in the pictures!* You would need to go to http://wisdom-pirates.com/ Go into downloads and the drop down menu will display client, patches, launcher, misc. You only need to download client here so click "client" From there you can either choose from the 2 download sites which are from Mega & Mediafire. I personally use Mega. When you click Mega or either Mediafire just follow what it says in this case for Mega I would click "download" Next it will start downloading your file. (It took me only 5 mins can be longer or shorter depends on your download speed) *Make sure to turn off all antivirus and windows defender because it will say the WPOlauncher is a virus, but its not so just ignore it.* When the file is complete just click "save file" You will need a .rar software to open. (I use win.rar, but you can use other rar if you like) Just drag the folder to wherever you like I put mine in desktop. Open the folder and what you need to do next is to get the current updates files so I would open WPOLauncher.exe and let it patch! Finally when the files are done updating it won't have any words on the bottom of patcher means the files are updated so you click "Start" and done. Enjoy!
  14. Saad

    Video Contest

    1st place:Limit Please pm [GM]Salad to receieve your reward
  15. Saad

    Guides Event

    1st place:Raven 2nd place:Strange 3rd place:Rain Please pm [GM]Salad to receive your reward ^^
  16. Shadow

    Guides Event

    Guide Event has ended. we will announce the winner in 48 hours.
  17. Shadow

    Video Contest

    Video Contest has ended the winner will be announced in 48 Hours
  18. Strange


    Everyone need Money In game to buy equipment, gems and etc Here are my top 3 ways to farm money Storage pot Elder of Fortune at Argent 2194 , 2721 Click on '"i want a storage pot" you will be given a storage pot and teleported The map has " Elite werewolf warriors" mobs \ You have to kill these mobs the kills will be recorded in the storage pot once you killed 100 mobs you have to go exchange the storage pot at the Elder of Fortune at Argent 2194 , 2721 This will give you 100x 500k coins which can be sold to NPC The quest can be taken as many times as you want This method recommended for newbies since its easy and always open Demonic World(DW) DW1 and DW2 mobs give you 800k gold per kill an hour inside DW killing mobs will give you at least 800m so this is one of the best ways to make money mobs are weak but if your equips are some what gemmed than you will be fine read my DW guide for more info Light Aurora Arctic Spirits at Light aurora drop 1m notes These mobs are very annoying and they can easily kill a newbie Good idea to have a buffer and some hp pots with you when you go This method is recommended for Pros Hope this helps and Enjoy
  19. Rain


    Intro Dark Swamp is a good place to get kals runestone/great vouchers/azreal gems, not to mention a fun place to pk. Where is Dark Swamp Portal? The Dark Swamp portal is in SHAITAN DOCK Dark Swamp First Level This level is composed by 2 Chests and 1 mini boss The mini boss named "Master Swamp Bog" is relatively easy, you just have to clear the area first and then focus on the boss. Master Swamp Bog Drops: Kal Runestone Great Gems ( low rates) The Chest here drop basically Kal Runestone and Great Vouchers Dark Swamp Second Level This level is composed by 5 Chests and 1 mini boss. The mini boss named "Swamp champion" is a bit harder because the area is fulled of strong mobs Swamp Champion Drops: Kal Runestone Great Gems ( low rates) The Chest here drop basically Kal Runestone and Great Vouchers Dark Swamp Third Level This level is composed by 3 chests, 1 mini boss and the final boss. This mini boss, named "Master Swamp Watcher" is the easier boss. Master Swamp Watcher Drops: Kal Runestone Great Gems ( low rates) The Chest here drop basically Kal Runestone and Great Vouchers Huge Mud Moster "Final Boss" Now we re at the "Hugue Mud Monster", better known as "Bm" is the final boss of Dark Swamp and the harder. Drops: Azrael Gems Rb Fragment 2 PS:*A sharpshooter would be good for your team to reach chests as fast as possible and aswell as seal the bosses which cast annoying skills. *There are a few DS guilds out there so make sure to team up and have fun Thank You & Enjoy
  20. AndroidSenpai

    Ring Upg

    could ring upgrade be a little easier for like new players ? just suggestion
  21. AndroidSenpai

    WPO for MAC?

    try downoading wine bottler and run the program should work i have playedtop on mac before
  22. Apocalypse

    WPO for MAC?

    You can dual boot the machine or run parallel but wouldn't recommend them if there is an option for you to use a PC. You can't natively run on a Mac.Maybe when Nvdia Gforce drops but right now your options are dual boot or parallel. Good Day, Mate.
  23. Apocalypse

    Video Contest

    @Shadow This guy just edited my previous WPO video and altered timeline. Disqualify him for stealing my old content. And for you blatant copycat, Shame on you! This is the original content, I have created @Shadow
  24. Shadow

    WPO for MAC?

    sadly top is only for windows at this moment 😢
  25. watson

    Farm DS

    DARK SWAMP.docx
  26. nawaintop11

    WPO for MAC?

    I tried to download the game on my Macbook, but it keeps saying "Microsoft office applications are not supported by Mac". Is there anyway I can download and play it on mac?
  27. Limit

    Video Contest

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