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August 31, 2015
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  • FS/DC/DW updates for newbies

    A several change were made in Demonic world/ Forsaken city & Dark Swamp in favor of the newbies, to help them farm and catch up to other players.Demonic world:Doubled the money drop of monsters, instead of 500k, for ea... Read More
  • Rear fairies

    The known rear fairies are coming out with today maintenance, there are 3 kind of rear fairies:
    Spirit of Thunder: Strike lightning bolt on your enemy while using of skill attack.
    Spirit of Darkness: Curse and decrease your enemy’s defense an... Read More
  • Coporeal Black Dragon set

    The Corporeal Black Dragon Set grant a special effect called "Black Dragon effect", any magic class character (Voyager, Cleric, SealMaster) can wear the set and benefit from it effect which is different from a class to another, the following ... Read More
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