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  • Easy WPO, What's New???

    Easy WPO, as the title says, the server difficulty will be decreased to minimize the time that players have to spend playing & farming in order to level up, and get items, for that purpose few things were changed.
    What are the changes?... Read More
  • New realms (channels), ping improvement

    We have added 2 new realm  (channels) in addition to the main one, which make it a total of 3 channels available for login, the multiple channels allow players to switch between them to improve their ping and by consequence reduc... Read More
  • New staff members [HD] & Double mall promo

    Dear followers pirates,
    To improve our communication & support with you, we have decided to recruit new Staff members (HD) who will be there just for you.
    The HD mission is to help players, especially the new comers by :
    - Answeri... Read More
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