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  • Video contest winners & updates

    We have the pleasure to announce the video contest winners, even though we expected more entries and participants for this time.The selection of winners has been based on a variety of elements such as ( video lenght, dead time, demonstrating feat... Read More
  • Scorpios Weapons (lv120) + Promo (x2)

    The scorpios stone  will now be available on mall center, this stone will makes your weapons even more powerful by allowing a lv110 (libra's weapon) to be upgraded into a scorpios one, the new obtained weapon increase your base stats, an... Read More
  • New customized icons (Gems, tickets, pet...)

    A Variety of icons has been customized to make it easier for our player to organize and sort their inventory, the new icons will also end the confusion issue between gems, tickets and other items, players will no longer need to check t... Read More
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