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  • Big Updates: Admiral Cloak, New gems, Max level Increase & more

    Admiral Cloak is a new up-gradable item appears on the back of the character (Originally made for TOP2), it enhances the user stats with each successful level upgraded, however the Cloak max level is set to 10.The new cloak allow the user to fo... Read More
  • x2 Promo & New guild system 4 newbies.

    WPO4Newbies, is a new guild reserved for new comers & newbies to farm in peace in order to catch up with old player:
    - Every new player can apply to this guild.
    - GM will be the guild leader & decide when the player is good enoug... Read More
  • Champion hammer, FC/DS updates

    The libra & scorpio version of champion axe has been released within this update, a carsise holding a hammer/axe looks even more powerful & fearless.Note: the stats might not be final depend on how balanced the new... Read More
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