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  • Colored rings Update

    Like it was mentioned on earlier updates, the colored  rings (mall rings) will be limited to one class use, each color is designed for one class:

    Orange: CrusRed: ChampionGreen: SharpshooterYellow: ClericBlue: SealMasterPurple: VoyagerThe... Read More
  • Ghost & Phantom gears [End game Sets]

    Ghost & phantom sets are the end game sets for every class, with their powerful stats bonus they will make your PvP time on WPO much more exciting, with another taste, each part of the new set has a different level requirement which encoura... Read More
  • In Game Events

    Dear follower pirates,
    A variety of events will take place in game during this week and until the weekend, hosted by your Wsages & GMs
    The events will be on different times in the game, keep an eye on world chat & announcements.
    The ... Read More
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