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  • WPO-NW officially released

    We have the pleasure to announce the release of our new server "WPO - The new world."The new server contain all wpo classic maps & features, but gives you the chance to begin your journey with a fresh start with no overpowered players aroun... Read More
  • Colored rings Update

    Like it was mentioned on earlier updates, the colored  rings (mall rings) will be limited to one class use, each color is designed for one class:

    Orange: CrusRed: ChampionGreen: SharpshooterYellow: ClericBlue: SealMasterPurple: VoyagerThe... Read More
  • Ghost & Phantom gears [End game Sets]

    Ghost & phantom sets are the end game sets for every class, with their powerful stats bonus they will make your PvP time on WPO much more exciting, with another taste, each part of the new set has a different level requirement which encoura... Read More

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