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  • [Contest] Hand draws

    Show your drawing talents and participate on the hand draws event to win some great prize, check out the following link for details & rules :
    Hosted by Kenway~... Read More
  • Reach the maximum forge level

    A New lottery ticket has arrived to our mall center, giving you the opportunity to reach high forging levels, and get unbeatable equipments.Be the luckiest one and get the 1st prize "lv9 forge fruit" which grants you a 100% success rate to forge a lv... Read More
  • W-Sages players list

    Hello, It's time to announce the names of our new W-Sages. After studying the applications and having a long discussion with WPO Team mates, we have finally selected and confirmed a final list.   But first, let us thank everyone who appl... Read More
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